Precision Biolabs

Precision Biolabs is an ISO 17025 Certified Laboratory. We are a non-profit cooperative organized around our members’ needs. As such, members receive reduced rates on all testing services. All customers can expect rapid sample preparation, typically begun the day of receipt, and timely & thorough answers to any questions or concerns. Our daily objective is to exceed the expectations of our customers by providing accurate and timely laboratory testing, outstanding customer service, and knowledgeable technical guidance.

Our Mission

To support our members with quality data that is accurate, timely and of the highest integrity.

Precision Biolabs’ expertise includes milk & water analysis, pathogen & indicator organism analysis, and proximate analysis including pH, moisture, butterfat, salt, protein, and solids determination on product samples.

Our technicians are certified by the State of Wisconsin and subject to rigid internal quality controls.

Our History

In 1935, Green County Cheesemakers established the Foreign Type Cheesemaker’s Association as a not for profit cooperative to establish a laboratory to perform quality control testing on patron milk and the cheese they produced. The formation of the lab allowed them to achieve economies of scale to lower the costs of laboratory services for all members. The mission of the laboratory was to assist cheese producers in making quality, safe and wholesome products. Today the organization provides support and services to members from all over the United States. Most recently, to better reflect its state of the art testing capabilities and emphasis on serving a broader customer base the laboratory has undergone a rebrand and now operates as Precision Biolabs.

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